Organic Lavender Hydrosol - 16oz

Organic Lavender Hydrosol - 16oz

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Also known as "flower water." Our lavender hydrosol is produced right here on the farm during the steam distillation process of essential oil! It contains similar properties to that of the lavender essential oil only with much less concentration. The aroma is soft and subtle compared to its essential oil but can also have greener notes due to the water-soluble plant matter (lavender flowers) that it's distilled from. 

Recommended Uses:   
  • Use on skin abrasions, minor burns, eczema, dryness and sun or wind burn to sooth itching or promote healing of skin.
  • Use as a facial toner for cleansing 
  • Use as a wet wipe for infant or adult hygiene
  • Also, can help to calm irritable infants when used as a room spray
  • Use to wash fruits and vegetables
  • Great for disinfecting and cleaning hard surfaces: bathrooms, kitchen appliances, etc. 
  • Excellent, streak-free cleaner on glass, mirrors, digital screens and jewelry

Ingredients List:  Contains our 100% organic lavender hydrosol